WODEN is a Scandinavian sneaker brand established in 2013, with a focus on Scandinavian design values, high- quality natural material and great value for money. Fashion, functionality and anatomy are essential elements of the WODEN DNA. Ensuring that sneakers are meticulously designer for urban life. With respect for the environment and our surroundings, WODEN works based on a sustainability approach:
 In the WORLD OF WODEN it’s all about the product.
More than 100 people are in contact with the product before customers open their shoe box, and a WODEN sneak consists of more than 115 different components sourced from different facilities.
For WODEN it is essential that products are made to be more than just another shoe. Woden aims to push the barrier for how shoes are constructed with attention to how we can ensure to give our sneakers a green footprint.
Woden manages to put attention to 3 essential sustainable elements: All sneakers are made with an average of 10% recycled RUBBER.
They use organic materials as CORK and FULL GRAIN LEATHER as a replacement for synthetic materials.

They have incorporated FISH LEATHER, that comes from the North Sea fish industry, in our entire collection.
Fashion comes first, because that’s how you fall in love with our brand.

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